[YDMP] How to troubleshoot alarm feature issue
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When devices connect to YDMP, if devices occur critical issue. It will trigger alarm to inform administrator. In this FAQ, we will introduce how to do when alarm feature didn’t work on Device Management Platform.


Background: in this FAQ, let’s take ‘register failure’ alarm for example. Devices have lost network for more than 15 minutes.

1.     Check the status of devices whether is online.

1)     If devices are online, follow step 2.

2)     If devices are offline, refer FAQ for troubleshooting and fix it:



2.     Reproduce issue and get phone diagnose file.

a.     Enter device diagnostic page

b.     Click “One-click Export”

c.     Set file type as ‘bin

d.     Press ‘Start capture’’

e.     Register account again.

f.      End capture and export when issue happened.

3.     Get logs from YDMP, mark the time when issue happen

a.     Login YDMP background

b.     Entering the directory of dm logs

            cd /var/log/yealink/microdm

c.     Then download the latest syslog

            sz microdm.log

d.     Get these diagnose file then create a ticket at https://ticket.yealink.com/



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