【USB Speakerphone】How to pair and un-pair CP900 & CP700 with BT50
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The CP900/CP700 has been paired with the BT50 by default at the factory, but sometimes customers want to pair with another CP900/CP700 or cancel the current pairing.


1.       Connect your CP900/CP700 to the PC which should installed Yealink USB connect. (If you didn’t install it, please refer the FAQ to install it first: How to install Yealink USB connect);

2.       Connect the BT50(Please make sure the icon of Bluetooth is lighting) to the PC. Then you can see the following interface:


3.       Click Setting on BT50 side. Go to Pair Management, then can see Paired Device and Pairable devices list. Please click Disconnect to disconnect the paired device and click Start Pair to pair new device.

Note 1: To use the pair management feature, you should upgrade the following Yealink devices to the specific firmware:


Note 2: If the two device models are the same, please distinguish the machine by SN. The Paired Device is the device you connected now.



    BT50 LED Indicator


More Information

If there are any other questions, please feel free to contact with ticket.yealink.com.

Product Type
USB Speakerphone CP900 , USB Speakerphone CP700
CP & BT: xx.420.0.15 or later
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