【Multi-Cell】Does the handset support measure mode
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Customer need to deploy W80, however, he doesn’t know how to measure signal of W80.


1.       Register handset to base.

2.       Fix the base as to the preset position.

3.       Dial *1234203# on handset.

4.       Go to Menu—Settings—Telephony—Metering Mode to enable the measuring mode.

5.       With headset connected, you can check the signal on handset screen.

6.       While you are talking, the information will appear on the top of screen. You can confirm the audio quality at anywhere, and check if roaming and handover functionality is working properly between base to base.

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Appendix 1

RSSI: Received Signal Strength Indication. Base station signal reception strength with the best reception in dBm.

Recommended value: -27 to -85dBm.(subject to actual call)

Note: The RSSI value is displayed in dBm as standard, you can change it into a percentage value.


Fr. quality: Frame quality. Percentage rate of the packages received without error in the last measuring interval.

Recommended value: 100%.


Base Station: RPN (Radio Fixed Part Number) of the base station. Identifier for the base station to which the handset is connected.


Frequency: Carrier frequency of the signal received.

Value range: 0-30.


Slot pair: Time slot for the reception channel on which the measurement was performed.

Duplex Slot pair used (0-11).

Appendix 2

    There are two parameters on the screen: RSSI (base signal reception strength); Frame quality

    For a good voice quality, the RSSI should be larger than -80dbm

    For a good base synchronization, the RSSI value should be larger than -85dbm.

    Frame quality should be 100% to assure no packet loss


More Information

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