【Multi-Cell】How to get correct diagnostic files of W80 DM & Base
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When reporting issues to Yealink support, you are expected to send pcap, syslog (level 6) and config.bin together with detail issue description. The FAQ shows how to get these files in bundle from phone.



1.    Export All Diagnostic Files(Suitable for DM & Base)
    1.1 Go to Settings -> Configuration page. Drop down the page and you will see these options


    1.2  Steps for catch correct diagnostic files:
    (1)    Change Local Log Level as 6, then Press Start;
    (2)    Then try to reproduce the problem;
    (3)    After reproduced the problem, press stop, then Export the diagnostic files.
    Note: After export the diagnostic files, please make sure the PCAP file is greater than 1KB, otherwise it’s not a correct
diagnostic file.


    You can also verify whether you got the correct log through the following key fields:








    The default local log level is 3.

2.    All Base Diagnostics(Only exist on DM)

You can export all base diagnostic files (including Pcap trace, local log files, and BIN configuration files) at a time to help analyze the events that affect the base stations.
Please go to Settings->Configuration->All Base Diagnostics and then fill with corresponding information. 
1. Press Start, then reproduce the problem;
2. After issue appeared again, press Stop;
3. Go to log server and export Diagnostic files.


More Information

NOTICE: The exported trace files will contain local contacts and call records, mainly configuration files.

Yealink will ensure that the information provided by users is used internally for problem diagnosis and will not be leaked.


If there are any other questions, please feel free to contact with ticket.yealink.com.

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W80 Multi-Cell System
V83 or higher
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