【SIP-ATP】Provisioning with RPS not working
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The phone cannot download the common.cfg/mac.cfg files when provisioning with RPS


The customer who want to do a provisioning with RPS


Please make sure you have done below steps:

1 – Make sure the phone running a firmware with RPS.

You can get the latest V72 RPS firmware from my ftp. But from V73, all firmware will support RPS by default.


2 - Login the RPS server(https://dm.yealink.com)and add the MAC address of the phone as well as the auto provision server URL to the RPS server. if the server side need user name and password, you can use below URL format :
RPS now also support enter user name & password for different server 

3 - Then, assign the auto provisioning server for this MAC address (Pay attention: Mac address and AutoP server must be right.)

4 - Put the related auto provisioning files under the auto provisioning server.


If you still cannot provision after doing above, then please help to check below items:

1 - When first reboot or reset the phone to factory default, you will find the LCD show “Sending Request  ...” it means the phone are sending RPS request to the RPS server to obtain the auto provisioning URL. (P.S: It means the setting of RPS is enabled.)

Please help check whether the phone has entered the “Sending Request “interface for a while during the initializing status.

2 - Make sure the phone can connect to the public internet , as you known, the RPS server is in the public network , so you need to make sure the phone can connect to the internet to connect the RPS server .

3 - After the RPS server redirect the auto provisioning server to the phone, make sure the phone can connect to the auto provisioning server to download the auto provisioning URL. 

BTW, if the phone can connect to the RPS server, from the log you can see below information.

Also from the device you can see the last connected information.


4 - Please copy the auto provision URL, take one PC which in the same network of the phone, open a web browser like IE and then paste it to see what happened. If you can't open it , then there is some problem with your network or server which is not reachable, please connect your IT department or phone/service manager for a double check. 
5 - Please log in your phone website and go to Security->Trusted Certificate->Only Accept Trusted Certificate and disable it, then try again. if that works, then it seems that the certificate that your server used is not list in our phone side which cause this issue, you can upload your certiviation to RPS and enable the custom certificate option to solve this issue :

6 – If the issue still happed after checking above, then please offer us more information for further analysis:

a.    Level 6 syslog

b.    PCAP trace

c.    Config.bin

You can know how to get them from below link :



More Information

If you want to get more information about this feature or need more support, please feel free to contact Yealink FAE for further support by ticket.yealink.com

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