【Troubleshooting】Unable to display phone web page management interface
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Using a browser to enter the phone's IP address cannot display the phone's web management interface


1.Make sure the phone's web side configuration item is enabled:Phone interface:Menu ->Settings->Advanced Settings(Default password is admin) ->Network->Web server->HTTP/HTTPS status



2.PC ping the IP address of a phone. If the received packet is 0, it is a network environment problem. Contact your network administrator with it.

If you don’t know how to use the feature of ping, please refer to this FAQ.




3.If the sent packets are equal to the received packets, you can change your browser (IE, Google, firefox) or clean up your browser cache.


4. Use HTTP or HTTPS to log into the web interface. If not, reset the phone


More Information

If there are any other questions, please feel free to contact with ticket.yealink.com.

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Rami      2016-12-15 20:35:11
Hello, I have an SIP-T21P and an SIP-T21P. I would like to configure the ringback tune (the one that the caller hears when he calls) to a certain message that loops until I answer. Is that possible ?