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We mainly have four kinds of phone book, Local phone book, Remote phone book, LDAP and BroadSoft Directory.


1.      Local phone book

The local phone book is placed on the IP phone flash, can store up to 1000 contacts and 48 groups in your phone's local directory.

You can make many operations like add new contacts and groups, edit, delete or search for a contact and so on.

But notice it is only used by a specific phone (local phone).

For more information on how to create local phone book quickly, refer to Phonebook Generation Tool User Guide as below

Yealink Phonebook Generation Tool User Guide.pdf


2.      Remote phone book

The remote phone book is placed on a server, our phone can support 5 remote phone book. 

(WebGUI Item)


When you enter the remote phone book every time, the phone will download the latest remote phone book to display immediately. So it can keep real-time data from the same server.

It can be used by everyone that can access the server, always is used as a central phone book for a company.

For more information on how to create remote phone book quickly, refer to Phonebook Generation Tool User Guide as below

Yealink Phonebook Generation Tool User Guide.pdf

3.      LDAP

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is an application protocol for accessing and maintaining information services for the distributed directory over an IP network.

  The LDAP directory also is placed on a LDAP server, therefore they do not have to maintain the directory locally. Users can search and dial out from the LDAP directory. LDAP entries displayed on the IP phone are read only, which cannot be added, edited or deleted by users. When an LDAP server is properly configured, the IP phone can look up entries from the LDAP server in a wide variety of ways. The LDAP server indexes all the data in its entries, and “filters” can be used to select the desired entry or group, and return the desired information. (The phone don’t need to download phonebook)

Configurations on the IP phone limit the amount of the displayed entries when querying from the LDAP server, and decide how attributes are displayed and sorted.


(WebGUI Item)


Note: LDAP feature is not applicable to SIP-T19P and SIP-T20P IP phones.

For more information on LDAP, refer to LDAP guide as below

LDAP Directory on Yealink IP Phones.pdf


4.      BroadSoft Directory. (Only apply to Broadsoft platform)

BroadSoft Directory is the phonebook managed centrally on the Broadworks. Everybody in the same group have access to Group phonebook which contains all contact information of the group.


(WebGUI Item)

You can View the Phonebook and quickly search the contact you want to make a call. The incoming calls will be matched to the phonebooks and the phone can display the caller name from BroadSoft Directory.

More Information

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version : 

Local phone book, Remote phone book, LDAP for All

BroadSoft Directory just for BroadSoft firmware

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