【SIP-ATP】Fail to Apply the Setting after Provisioning
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The phone won’t apply the setting after auto provisioning, the auto provisioning don’t work. You can see the phone has downloaded the CFG files from the server.


The phone fails to apply after downloaded the CFG file.

1.The syntax format in the auto provisioning is incorrect.

2.The CFG file is encrypted, the phone without configuring with AES key can’t decrypt the file.

3.The MD5 is the same. The phone will detect the MD5 of the CFG file after downloaded, the phone won’t apply the setting if the MD5 is the same as previous stored in phone.


1. You can refer to another FAQ [M1 M2 and M7 syntax for auto provisioning] and if you use the M7 syntax, the File header "#!version:"can’t be edited or deleted, and must be placed in the first line , you can refer to Yealink template file for the correct syntax.

2. Make sure the correct AES key has been configured in the phone.

3. Change some settings in the CFG file so the MD5 won’t be the same as the previous auto provisioning.

4. If you still can’t make it work, please contact your vendor or distributor for help.


If you can’t get help from your vendor or distributor, then please send the problem description, test result of above steps, country to http://ticket.yealink.com.


If after checked above items, the auto provisioning still can’t work, please send us below information for debug.

1) Config.bin file

2) Level 6 syslog

3) PCAP trace

4) CFG file.

More Information

1.You can refer to Yealink web site for the CFG template file and guide.

2.For how to catch Config.bin file, Level 6 syslog and PCAP trace, you can refer to below link,

http://support.yealink.com/faq/faqInfo?id=708 (v80 or v73)
http://support.yealink.com/faq/faqInfo?id=707 (v81 or higher)

3.If you want to delete the value of some setting, configure the syntax with %NULL%.

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