【Advanced】The BLF List with Broadsoft
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BLF list is supported on Broadsoft server and the BLF is not. BLF is for other platforms.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF) List allows a list of specific extensions to be monitored for status changesThe monitors list of users defined by the system administrator on BroadWorks. Different indicators on the monitoring phone show the status of monitored users (such as busy, idle, incoming call etc.). The monitoring user can also be notified about calls being parked/no longer parked against any monitored user. 


The setting need to configure both on Broadsoft server and the phone local.

To Configure the BLF List on Broadsoft server, please refer to below:

1. To assign the BLF service to an user

Configuration Path: Group->User->Profile->Assign Services


2. To configure BLF List for the user

Configuration Path: Group->Users->Client Applications->Busy Lamp Field



After above settings on Broadsoft server was finished, next step to Configured the BLF List settings via web user interface:

1. Click on Account.
2. Select the account (e.g., account 1) from the pull-down list of Account, which has been configured BLF List feature on the BroadWorks server.
3. Click on Advanced.
4. Enter the BLF List URI in the BLF List URI field.
5. (Optional.) Enter the directed call pickup FAC (default: *97) in the BLF List Pickup Code field.
The directed call pickup FAC configured in the BLF List Pickup Code field is the code on a per-line basis. The directed call pickup code configured on a per-line basis takes precedence over that configured on a global basis, which is configurable via web user interface at the path Features->Call Pickup->Directed Call Pickup Code.
6. (Optional.) Enter the directed call pickup with barge-in FAC (default: *33) in the BLF List Barge In Code field.
7. (Optional.) Enter the BLF list retrieve call parked code (default: *88) in the BLF List Retrieve Call Parked Code field.
8. Click Confirm to accept the change.


Automatically or Manually configured of BLF list Keys:
The BLF List keys can be configured automatically or manually, which is determined by the value of the parameter “phone_setting.auto_blf_list_enable”. You can select the desired way to configure the BLF List keys according to your requirement.

一、Automatically : phone_setting.auto_blf_list_enable=1

According to the response message from the BroadWorks server, the IP phone will automatically configure the BLF List keys from the first unused DSS key.
For example, Yealink 4609 user on BroadWorks is configured BLF List feature. The BLF List URI is “4609@pbx.yealink.com”. The available monitored users include Yealink 4607, Yealink 4608. The IP phone registers the BroadWorks user Yealink 4609 on Line1. When the IP phone receives the BLF List response from the BroadWorks server successfully, it will automatically assign the BLF List keys as below:


二、Manually: phone_setting.auto_blf_list_enable=0

 Click on DSSKey-> Line Key( or Programable Key).
2. In the desired DSS key field (e.g., Line key 2), select BLF List from the pull-down list of Type.
3. Select the desired line (e.g., Line 1) corresponding to the account configured BLF List feature on the BroadWorks server from the pull-down list of Line.
4. Click Confirm to accept the change.
After successful configured, user can find the web user interface of the IP phone is
similar to the one shown as below:


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