【Customization】Explanation of LED Flashes
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The power LED has multiple behaviors under different situations, and the users may have requests to change it for reasons.


1. When the phone is idle and LED flashes, it means there is a missed call or an unread voicemail.

2. When the phone is in the power saving mode the LED flashes, this is normal design to indicate that the phone is still working under the power saving mode.


1. For the cause 1, the user can either check the missed calls and unread mails to stop the LED from flashing, or directly disable the LED flashing from the phone GUI.
Web GUI: Features>Power LED

Auto Provision Template:
phone_setting.common_power_led_enable =
phone_setting.talk_and_dial_power_led_enable =
phone_setting.mail_power_led_flash_enable =
phone_setting.ring_power_led_flash_enable =
phone_setting.hold_and_held_power_led_flash_enable =
phone_setting.missed_call_power_led_flash.enable =
Valid Value: Disabled:power indicator LED is off; 1-Enabled:power indicator LED is solid red)

2. For the cause 2, this is normal behavior of the LED and usually it is not necessary to change it, however we have the technical support version of firmware which provides additional configuration of LED behavior under the power saving mode if it is really annoying to the user, please ask our FAE for the latest one if you request this firmware.
Web GUI:

Auto Provision Template:
features.power_saving.power_led_flash.on_time =
features.power_saving.power_led_flash.off_time =

Valid Value: when the light time is set to 0, the LED will be off under the power saving mode;
When the dark time is set to 0, the LED will be solid on under the power saving mode; when they are both set to 0, the phone will only keep the dark time to 0 so the LED will be solid on;

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