【Troubleshooting】SIP-How to Export pcap to Wireshark
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In some cases, you are not able you get pcap from phone local or pcap exported from phone may not contain sufficient information for troubleshooting, like network issue/reboot issue. In this case, we will suggest you exporting the pcap to Wireshark. 


Please follow the steps below:

1. Enable Span to PC feature under Network -> Advanced page. 



2. Connect PC port of the Yealink phone to your PC and Internet port to network. 

3. On Wireshark, press Start. Then, repeat the steps on phone to reproduce the issue. All the pcap will be recorded. Hit Stop to stop trace after test. 

In this step, you will see messages, like dhcp, sip, rtp.. please make sure the wireshark has record a complete process. 


4. Save the file and send to Yealink support.


More Information

NOTICE: The exported trace files will contain local contacts and call records, mainly configuration files.
Yealink will ensure that the information provided by users is used internally for problem diagnosis and will not be leaked.
Dect phones W52P/W56P/W60B not included. 

Product Type
VP59 , T58A with Camera , SIP-T58A , SIP-T56A , SIP-T57W , SIP-T54W , SIP-T53W , SIP-T53 , SIP-T54S , SIP-T52S , SIP-T48S , SIP-T46S , SIP-T42S , SIP-T41S , SIP-T40G , SIP-T40P , SIP-T29G , SIP-T27G , SIP-T23G , SIP-T23P , SIP-T21(P) E2 , SIP-T19(P) E2 , SIP-T33P(G) , SIP-T31(P)(G) , SIP-T30(P) , CP860 , SIP VP-T49G , SIP-T48G , SIP-T46G , SIP-T42G , SIP-T27P , SIP-T41P
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