SIP-How to Export syslog to Syslog server
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In some cases, you are not able to get syslog from phone local or syslog exported from phone may not contain sufficient information for troubleshooting, like network issue/reboot issue. In this case, we will suggest you exporting the syslog to syslog server.  


Please follow the steps below:
1.  Install a syslog server. Let’s take 3CDaemon as an example. Configure the syslog server and set up a directory to store the syslog file.

2. Go to Settings ->Configuration page.


3. On step 3, the Settings->Configuration page is slight different on different versions. Please check your firmware version and refer to page accordingly. Please always remember to set Syslog Level to 6!

If you are using:

• All models with V81 or higher.

• T48G, T46G, T42G, T41P, T40P, T29G, T27P/G, T23P/G, T21(P) E2, T19(P) E2 with V80.

Please go to Settings ->Configuration ->Syslog section, enable to Export Syslog to server ->then enter server address, like, the PC that you have 3CD installed ->press Confirm. All the syslog will be recorded on server.  


If you are using:

• CP860, CP960, T58 series, W52P with version V80 or lower.

• T48G, T46G, T42G, T41P, old T2x with V73 or lower. 

Go to Settings->Configuration->then locate to section below->select Server->enter server address, like, the PC that you have 3CD installed->press Confirm


4. You will see all the syslog be forwarded to syslog server. 

5. Reproduce the issue. 

6. After test, click on stop syslog server and then go to storage directory, find the syslog file and send to Yealink support.  

More Information

NOTICE: The exported trace files will contain local contacts and call records, mainly configuration files.
Yealink will ensure that the information provided by users is used internally for problem diagnosis and will not be leaked.

For product information, including latest firmware, guides, FAQs, product docs, please visit Yealink WIKI:

For better service, we sincerely recommend you to use Yealink Ticketing system ( to submit all your technical issues.

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