MTBF on Yealink Video Solutions
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What is MTBF of Yealink Video solutions? 


Here are the MTBF values of following models. 

MCore: 12 years

MTouch II: 10 years

UVC80:14 years

UVC50: 14 years

UVC40: 14 years

VCM34: 28 years

MSpeaker II: 28 years

VC800/VC500/VC200/VC880: 14 years

More Information

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Product Type
Video Conferencing Endpoint MeetingEye 600 , Video Conferencing Endpoint MeetingEye 400 , VC800 , Video Conferencing Endpoint VC500 , Video Conferencing Endpoint VC200 , VC880 , UVC Camera , VCM34
V43 or above
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