Yealink Device Management Platform (Cloud Services/On-Premise)
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This article introduces the benefits, the difference between YDMP and Teams Admin Portal, and some key features of the Yealink Device Management Platform.


What is Yealink Device Management Platform?

Yealink provides our own device management platform to manage all Yealink products. There are two platforms, cloud service, and on-premise service


The benefits of DM

l  Automate the entire process

l  Enforce powerful management capabilities

l  Device alarm and diagnoses

l  Timing tasks with flexibility

l  Strict security strategy


YDMP VS Admin Portal

ymcs vs admin.png


Key features

Ø  Device Management

1)    For Teams Phones:

device manager.png

2)    For Microsoft Teams Room system:

MTR Manager.png

3)    For USB devices:


Ø  Configuration Management

1)    Model Configuration

a)   Support to create a unified template of configuration for a specified type of device. When this type of device is connected to the network for the first time, this configuration update will take effect.

b)  Supports graphical parameter configuration and text editing

c)   Supports graphical parameter configuration and text editing

configuration manage.png

2)    Group Configuration

a)   Supports enterprises to implement group configuration base on different user roles.

b)  Customized group devices, flexibly add devices, or remove devices from a group.

group con.png

3)    Site Configuration

a)   Supports add template based on the site you have created.

b)  Customized the parameters for this site, and you can push the devices to belong to this site.

Ø  Site Management

1)  Platform supports site management for multiple-branched companies.

2)  Device terminals and task management all support to be managed by different sites.

3)  Sites support multi-level configurations that can be applied to organizational structures.
site manage.png


4)  You can create the site, and select the parent site.

5)  You can add the site IP, if the devices are in this IP range, they will be assigned to their site automatically.
add site.png

Ø  Task Management

1)  Supports to set a scheduled task to facilitate the management at a specified time.

2)  Set scheduled tasks allows administrators to implement management tasks during off-hours.

3)  Supported scheduled tasks include various remote control events, such as update configuration, firmware upgrade, restore factory, reboot, etc.

4)  Supports to view the execution result of each task, and failed records.


Ø  System Management

You can define different function permission and data permission in a role, and then you can create a sub-account for the device management and assign different roles.


Product Type
MVC II Series , MVC400 , MeetingBar A20 , VC210 Teams Collaboration , SFB-MP58 , SFB-MP56 , SFB-MP54 , SFB-CP960 , SFB-T58A , SFB-T56A , SFB-T55A , SFB-T48S , SFB-T46S , SFB-T42S , SFB-T41S , SFB-T48G , SFB-T46G , SFB-T42G , SFB-T41P , SFB-T40P , Device Management Platform , Management Cloud Service , Yealink Redirection and Provisioning Service
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