【Troubleshooting】How to Report to Yealink
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If you get a question or issue, you can contact your agency to get feedback. Also, you can easily get support from Yealink.


To contact Yealink, please use the Yealink Ticket System.


l  Please create a ticket account first by filling in the information in right. Then contact the Yealink support team to activate your account. Email/Ticket

   Ticket website: https://ticket.yealink.com

Then you can create the case, describe your questions or issues in the windows below, you can easily raise a ticket.


We have a professional support team to work with the ticket, and the ticket will be assigned to an engineer. You can check how we work below:


Product Type
MVC II Series , MeetingBar A20 , VC210 Teams Collaboration , Teams-VP59 , Teams-MP56 , Teams-MP54 , Teams-CP960 , Teams-T58A , Teams-T56A , Teams-T55A , Teams-CP900 , Teams-CP700
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