【Troubleshooting】FAQs for Teams Phone
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If you have a question regarding Yealink Teams Phone, you can search for a quick answer from our support website like below. (support.yealink.com)



And also we sort out some questions below:


Q: Do the Teams devices support Hot desking and Proxy Server?

A: Yes, support started with the


Q: Do the Teams devices support WIFI and Bluetooth?

A: T58 and CP960 have built-in WIFI and Bluetooth, T55 and T56 need to use a WIFI dongle and Bluetooth dongle.


Q: What are the models which support hybrid-mode?

A: T55, T56, T58, and CP960 can support, VP59 does not support.


Q: If it is possible to custom Ringtone?

A: It is not possible, and it depends on Microsoft Teams App.


Q: If it is possible to support the Personal model and Shared mode?

A: Started with the 58.15.53, the two modes are canceled, CAP feature is instead of Shard mode, and it requires a CAP account.


Q: Why do some devices have a dial pad?

A: It depends on the account license, E5 license, or E1/E3+call plan.


Q: Does the T58A Teams edition supports a camera?

A: T58 Teams edition does not support a camera, and there is not a plan to support it.


Q: Do Teams devices support BToE?

A: Not, but the Teams phones have already supported the BTOB feature.


Q: Why it is failed when upgrading from SFB to Teams?

A: You need to upgrade to Teams first, then upgrade to the latest one.


Q: How to reset the phones?

A: Press “*” and “#” at the same time for several seconds when you are using the T5 series, press two “mute” buttons at the same time for several seconds when you are using CP960.

Q: Can I search for external contacts via Teams phone?

A: This feature has not been able to support yet, it depends on Microsoft.

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