【Troubleshooting】How to Deal With a signal-cell Base Problem
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There are three indicators on the base station, only when three indicators all light solidly the W52P can work normally. Sometimes, not all indicators light up and W52P can’t work.


Hardware Problem, network environment


1.   Plug a working power supply to W52P, if the power indicator doesn’t light up it should be a hardware problem, please go to step 7.

2.   Connect a network cable to the base, it will flash.

3.   There are three cases.

a)   If the network indicator light up solidly, it means that the W52P successfully is connected to network, you can register a handset now. After registering a handset, the three indicators will light up solidly.

b)   If the network indicator doesn’t light up at all, go to step 4, try a base hard reset.

c)   If the network indicator won’t light up solidly but flashes continually, it means that the W52P can’t get an IP address, go to step 4.

4.   Try connecting the W52P to another working switch port, if the network indicator still flash, please try a hard reset. 

How to do a base hard reset? Please follow the steps below.

(1)power off base

(2)long press the paging key in base.

(3)power on and waiting for all three LEDlight up

(4) release the paging key, then power off.

(5)power on again.

5.    If it doesn’t solve the problem it should be a hardware problem.

6.    Please contact your vendor or local distributor and send the problem description for help.

7.    If you can't get a support from them, please send an email which include problem description, test result, your country, phone SN number to ticket.yealink.com

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