【Installation】How to install Google Play Store in Android SIP-Phone VP59/T58W/A
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Yealink Android SIP-Phone supports install third-party application,Like Youtube,FaceBook,Whatapps,Google Play Store etc...But it's a little complicate for user first install application in Android SIP-Phone.Here are some words from the user's side. 
Could you please send us the steps by steps process to install google play store ?

Indeed the information found on your forum or FAQ are too old and hot helpful.


Installation of third-party application is kind of different between Android mobile phone and PC.In general,Android SIP-Phone need to download .apk file from the server side.It need user prepare a server which can upload the .apk file and modify the configruation file to navigate the URL of .apk file  


1.Export the configruation files:Go to WEB UI->Setting->Configruation->Export all the configruation files


2.Getting the APK:Download the APK file from a trusted source in the internet.

3.Install HPS/TFTP on a computer.And have it up and running.Navigate to the Google's apk.(If dowload is failed,please use TFTP,HPS isn't stable sometime)


4.Editing the .cfg file:Navigate to the .cfg-file that you downloaded from the T58V. Open it with Notepad++ and search for
Android’. Inside the android section add one line with ‘pm.version = special’. (see picture)
This enables special rights for the apk installation. For security reasons we highly recommend to remove
this line after the wanted Apps have been installed.
Then enter a line for every app you want to install. (definite http-link with exact name of .apk-file)


5.Import the modified .cfg file.After auto provision ,Android SIP-Phone will start download and install the apk.file.

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