【Headset-Other】How to reset headset and Base to factory?
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                    When something is wrong with the WH6x headset, a factory reset maybe a good way to recover it. Or you want to reconfigure them.

Factory reset for WH62/63:
Method 1: Hold the PC button and Phone button for 6 seconds at the same time. After 6 seconds there is a voice prompt "Factory Reset".
Method 2: Factory reset via Yealink USB Connect.  Open YUC, go to Device recovery->Restore factory settings->Click OK. 


Factory reset for WH66/67:

Method 1: Do the following via base screen:
For Teams version :
Tap image.png or the user account avatar.Go to Setting->Advanced Setting->Reset configuration.
For UC version :
Tap image.png.Go to Advanced Setting->Reset Configuration.The screen prompts you whether to reset configuration or not Confirm the action.
Method 2: Factory reset by YUC.
->The same as WH62/63, go to Device recovery->Restore factory settings->Click OK. 

More Information

For more info, please contact Yealink Support Team for help via the ticket system.

Product Type
WH62 , WH63 , WH66 , WH67
xx.420.0.35 or higher
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