【ATP】Upgrade Yealink SfB phone after Microsoft deprecate TLS 1.0/1.1
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Microsoft recently announced that AAD and SFB Online will deprecate TLS 1.0/1.1 by June 1st 2021. This will impact the Skype for Business phones (3PIP) , running on older firmware with TLS 1.0/1.1 support. All the Skype for Business phones which doesn’t support TLS1.2 will not be able to sign in after June 1st 2021.

Affected Scope SFB Phone with SFB Online Account


In order to ensure the users can successfully sign in to the Skype for Business phones, requesting you to make sure all the devices are upgraded to the firmware which support TLS 1.2. Administrators must complete the following steps before the deadline.


Step One:

Upgrade the firmware to the version that support TLS 1.2. 

To download the Skype for Business firmware, please visit : Yealink Technical Support.




MP5X Desk Phone   Series

MP58/MP54 and   above

MP56 and   above

T5X Desk Phone   Series

T58A/T56A/T55A and   above

Conference Phone

CP960 and   above

T4XS Desk Phone   Series

T48S/T46S/T42S/T41S and   above

T4XG Desk Phone   Series

T48G and   above

T46G and   above

T41P/T42G and   above

T40P and   above


Step Two:

When you finish the upgrade or you already used the version above, you still need to add below configuration to your SFB phones. It configures the TLS version to use for handshake negotiation between the phone and server.


security.default_ssl_method = 3   Or  security.default_ssl_method = 5


Permitted Values:

    0-TLS 1.0 ;  4-TLS 1.1 ; 5-TLS 1.2 ;

3-SSL V23 (automatic negotiation with the server. The phone starts with TLS1.2 for negotiation.)

To download the .cfg file of the configuration above, please visit: security.default_ssl_method = 3 .cfg

To Auto Provisioning Yealink Skype for Business phone, please refer to: Auto Provisioning Guide for Yealink Skype for Business Phones

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SFB-MP58 , SFB-MP56 , SFB-MP54 , SFB-CP960 , SFB-T58A , SFB-T56A , SFB-T55A , SFB-T48S , SFB-T46S , SFB-T42S , SFB-T41S , SFB-T48G , SFB-T46G , SFB-T42G , SFB-T41P , SFB-T40P
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