【DECT-Compatibility】RT30 repeater can't connect to Base
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User bought a RT30 would like to extend the range of DECT signal, but can’t connect to Base like W60B or others.


1. Check that the firmware versions of the Base and Repeater match.
    The tenth and eleventh digits of SN are 24 that is EU version.
    The tenth and eleventh digits of SN are 25 that is NA version.
2.  Use your handset change Base to “Repeater Mode”.

     Settings->System Settings->Repeater Mode

3.  Reset your repeater.

     A.  Long press the program key and reconnect the power adapter.

     B.  Hold the program key until the three LEDs turn red. When the DECT LED flashes red, and the de-registration is successful.

4.  Restore Base from factory or update the firmware version

5.  Keep the Base and Repeater as close to each other as possible


6.  Swap a good repeater to test, if confirm there are some hardware problem with repeater, please contact your Service Provider for assistance.

More Information

For more info, please contact Yealink Support Team for help via the ticket system.

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DECT Repeater RT30
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